Tentative Program

The calendar to accomplish the intent of the program is described below:

First Year

Creating Environment for Harmony
Orientation 1 day
Getting to know each other 4 days
Harmony Mapping 6 days
Reflection and contemplation 11 days
Knowledge About Life
Introduction 11 days
Existential Harmony – Human Behavioral Philosophy 11 days
Existential Harmony – Philosophy of Cause and Effect 11 days
Existential Harmony – Philosophy of Intense Practice 11 days
Existential Harmony – Philosophy of Experience 11 days
Behavioral Populism 22 days
Resolution Oriented Materialism 22 days
Experiential Spiritualism 22 days
Technology and Human Race Sustainability
Simulation-Based Sustainable-Technologies 66 days
Holistic Healthcare (Ayurveda) 11 days
Health Maintenance/ Preventive Medicine (Food & Nutrition/Nadi/Marma/Sujok/Tibetan) 22 days
Sustainable Agriculture 22 days

Second Year

Information Technology for Sustainability Management 22 days
Water / Waste Water Management 22 days
Disaster Management 22 days
Family Justice 11 days
Social Justice 11 days
Environmental Justice 22 days
Economic Justice 22 days
Individual Projects
Selection of career line 2 days
Selection of advisor and project 2 days
Project completion/ Project report*
– Field Trip/Social Service (optional), suggested time allowance-33 days
– Recommendations for the following year, suggested time allowance-1 day)
88 days
Harmony Mapping 13 days
Individual Defense for Starred Requirements 25 days
Graduation 2 days