Our Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values

Institute of Global Harmony (IGH)

We are responsible human beings, who clearly see the man-made effects of: a rapidly degrading environment with depleting resources and climate change; ever increasing arsenals of the weapons of mass destruction, their use and sale due to mutual distrust of nation states influenced by the powerful military-industrial complexes; self-serving economies of the big businesses with their orders-of-magnitude disproportional profits; and the momentum created by such factors obscuring the undignified standards of living of the under-privileged and the marginalized sections of our human race. We are committed to initiate the application of a midcourse correction in an attempt to alter such an unsustainable trajectory for the humankind if only through education.

Our Vision

To serve as the pioneering institute that paves the way for creating a harmonious civilization in which all men and women are accorded dignity and respect, and their natural aptitudes and aspirations are nurtured to reach their full potential.
To serve as an evolving resource for human response under all situations of human interactions with each other and the environment in order to create a sustainable world of undivided human society.

Our Mission

To provide an educational and personal experience that would assist students and teachers alike in:

  • Transforming their lives through their ability to seek a permanent change in their attitude and behavior conducive for a harmonious society. The change would be achieved by eliciting a commitment to live a life of harmony through accepting responsibility for the self, the humankind, and the environment.
  • Achieving excellence and creativity in their endeavors by developing a sense of quality and value in teaching, learning, and education through collaboration, and in the spirit of developing their potential to its fullest extent.
  • Identifying local, regional, and global areas of social tensions and economic corruption and collectively working to resolve these problems through understanding and methods that utilize technological solutions in the most suitable and sustainable manner.
  • Researching Existential Harmony for new knowledge in all areas of human development to help achieve rational levels in the economic class structures.
  • Undertaking collaborative projects with governments, academia and industry that require solutions to increase social and environmental harmony in local and global problems of interest.

Our Goals

Consistent with our vision and mission statements, there are four major objectives of IGH:

  • To create harmony teachers (HT).
  • To create harmony curriculum (HC) writers for: a) grades k-12, b) children ages 4-6, and c) would-be parents.
  • To create subject matter experts (SMEs) in the three major areas of: Existential Harmony (Co-existence, Truth), Sustainability, and Justice.
  • To lay the foundation for creating a society that is free from the four fundamental offences responsible for deep-rooted corruption and moral degradation (coveting other’s money or property, coveting other’s spouse, hurting or harming other through thought, speech, or action, and irresponsible use of one’s wealth and power)

Many thoughts and philosophies will be considered and evaluated in the selection and execution of those that meet the highest expectations and agreements of all involved (teachers and students).

Some of the milestones to accomplish the stated goals are to:

  • Students would develop a robust infrastructure for education of the teachers and students to train them about harmony through a process of experiential learning.
  • Students would create a harmony library to include all available resources, which are applicable to employing the methodology of harmonious living for the communities or nations.
  • Students would carefully craft curricula, lesson plans, reading material and discussions, based on currently available and evolving resource of information on harmony, nonviolent tactics, and the strategies for creating positive change. Teaching and living in harmony will focus on individual experience in all phases of instruction.
  • Students would develop the process of harmony education that facilitates a multi-cultural, multi gender, pluralistic shared experience between the teacher and the student, and a cooperative, co-creative learning process where factors like race relations, religion, gender equity, poverty, child and youth issues, homophobia and heterosexism, bullying, environmental issues, globalization, and violence prevention are discussed openly.
  • Students would develop classroom instruction about a balanced view of: technology, its positive effects on human life as well as its impact on human life and the environment; the need for self-defense and the use of weapons; national defense by building weapons and the wisdom of selling weapons; economic and political systems; and the United Nations Organization – its function and its effectiveness.

Our Values

Our values define how we think, live and work together. With a vision to create a harmonious and a sustainable world, we must not be naïve to pick our values at random. Correspondingly, we must draw values from the only common source we have, existence. Balance (for understanding Truth), order (for human and environmental Sustainability), and laws (for social and economic Justice) are natural in existence. Balance, order, and laws are intrinsic to each unit of nature, by its innate acceptance. Therefore, each unit is a system in itself and participates in the higher order.

We would work together to inculcate these values in teachers and students alike. To achieve these values we would provide factual knowledge (for which there is natural acceptance, therefore Truth), universal code of conduct (for sustainability), and an environment for harmony (equal education, equal healthcare, and equal opportunity for justice). We would continuously look for innovative ways to improve our education and research so that the teachers and the students arrive at a common understanding on what is taught and learned.

Some of our values pertaining to harmony are:

  • Unbounded freedom is meaningless. There must be freedom for selecting the type of life, practice of faith, endeavor for excellence, and personal fulfillment for mutual satisfaction
  • Integrated social, economic, and political systems afford equal education, equal healthcare, and equal opportunity for all to create a just and harmonious society
  • Political power without justice is meaningless. Policies must render just laws to regulate just economies so that just societies can flourish

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