IGH Educational System

The educational system at IGH is based on Existential Order and correspondingly, the curriculum is structured toward shaping and building a sustainable future of humankind. The IGH students will be offered state of the art teaching in three fundamental areas of human development: Truth (Existential Harmony); Sustainability (Food, Preventive Healthcare, Sustainable Technologies (Energy, Agriculture, and Water Management and Restoration), Disaster Management, Behavioural Psychology; and Justice (Human Relationships and Values, Social Justice, and Economic Justice).

The IGH is an institute of total teaching (create harmony teachers, HT), learning (create Subject Matter experts, SMEs), and education (create curricula, HC) encompassing the whole society. Its main objective is to create a harmonious civilization in which people reach their highest potentials in a spirit of cooperation, rendering their service in a spirit of duty. It is tantamount to students as citizens of tomorrow to create a world they would feel comfortable living in. IGH will provide a platform for them to exercise their natural talents in creating a fair economic and fair governance system for themselves and the world. IGH believes that all human beings are gifted with natural talents and given equal opportunity they can pursue excellence in their chosen endeavours and reach their full potential.

Our Six Dimensions of Education

The education offered at the Institute of Global Harmony (IGH) is a well thought out system based on Existential harmony. The planned education system is robust and flexible to accommodate any seen or unseen future problem without the need for any external oversight from the government or business interests. Robustness and flexibility of education is assured in its six dimensions:

  • A human-centric education system that would provide an integrated approach to education (creates curriculum), teaching (creates harmony teachers) and learning (creates subject-matter experts).
  • A holistic education system that would transform a student into a human being by the time he/she graduates from high school.
  • A self-evolving and self-correcting education system that would provide education of the students, for the students, and by the students.
  • A development-oriented education system that would afford ways to transform impoverished communities into economic engines of entrepreneurship.
  • A technology-oriented education system that would afford teaching responsible use of technology with least impact on the environment.
  • A self-sustaining education system that would create an integrated social, economic and political structure, the very basis of a harmonious civilization.

Our Specialized Skills in Harmony Education

The IGH students—having studied both the knowledge of life and the most desired, pragmatic and practicable areas of learning: Truth, Sustainability and Justice at our Institute dedicated to creating harmony and harmonious societies—would be placed anywhere (government, industry, universities, NGOs, UN, and its affiliates) as advisers and subject-matter-experts (SMEs) and become the leaders of innovation and change in the entire system of living. Not only that they would learn what it is to be a human being, they would begin to live as one as well.

IGH graduate college will produce postgraduates, grounded in human values, with three specialized skills. The first specialized skill is the Subject Matter Experts (SME), who would readily connect their respective areas of human development to tackle challenging local and global problems. The solutions to problems will be provided in a manner that would bring harmony among concerned communities in their own environment. The second skill is the SME who will prepare harmony curriculums (HC) for children of all ages. This includes high school (grade 1-12) down to pre-school students as well as children 0-4 years old, and married couples. The third specialized skill is the harmony teachers (HT) who will teach and train children to become socially sensitive and responsible citizens. The postgraduates from the IGH will be sought after by various educational institutions and organizations on a government and industrial level of application.

Our Specialized Schools in Harmony Education

In its final form, we envision the following schools operating at IGH:
The Experimental IGH Model begins with a residential post-graduate college for 50 post-graduate students from all the 5 continents for a 24-month program leading to a Master’s degree in Global Harmony (MGH). A team of up to 18 short-term visiting professors from all disciplines of human development will provide a balanced perspective in each discipline with special emphasis to: 1) developing harmony curriculum (HC) for children of all ages – from pre-school to grades 1-12, and for married couples; 2) creating harmony teachers (HT), and developing global solutions to local problems in the respective areas of human development as Subject Matter Experts (SME).

The IGH experiment extends to a residential high school for 600 students (including orphans, marginalized and other neglected children) from the host country, 50 each for grades 1-12 enrolled for a Baccalaureate Diploma. A team of 30 teachers specially trained in harmonious student learning will provide instruction. Training will be provided for elementary, middle, and high school education with special regard to harmony, emotional expression, and intellectual development in academic disciplines.The development in children will be oriented toward producing socially responsible and sensitive young men ready to undertake a vocation, a profession or service based on their aptitudes and skills. They would be model human beings of tomorrow.  

The IGH will also run a pre-school where all children are given security and care from trained teachers for their physical, emotional, and intellectual development. It will be a residential pre-school for 50 students (including orphans, marginalized and other neglected children enrolled for pre-school learning). A team of 5 teachers specially trained for harmonious child development will provide total care for the children. The emphasis will be placed on harmonious child development with encouragement, support and guidance for their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

The IGH will also accommodate a day-cum-retreat school for 50 parents for babies/infants education from 2-4 years. A team of 10 teachers specially trained in bond development with parents, and child development in emotional expression with encouragement, support and guidance for their emotional and cognitive development.

The IGH will host a day-cum-retreat school for 50 would-be-parents for prenatal education from pregnancy to child-birth. A team of 5 teachers specially trained in introducing love, care and respect and a preferred value (at the request of the parents) to be introduced in the foetus will undertake this responsibility.


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