How It Works

You are a concerned person about our future on our planetary home. You are aware of the prevailing conditions of our civilization characterized with: extreme poverty amidst abundance; hunger amidst gluttony and wastage of consumable food; sickness and the uninsured amidst insurance frauds; injustice and crimes against humanity amidst corrupt governance; and a degraded environment amidst those indifferent to the evidence. These deplorable conditions bother you.

You have a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Science, Law, Medicine, Education or other. You are willing to make a difference and do not know where to start. But your commitment compels you to be the change you want to see. Picture yourself to be the vanguard of the future leaders. Be a part of a collective learning and teaching program that prepares all like-minded students and teachers for transformation to assume leadership roles in human responsibility.

Apply for any one of the graduate programs at the Institute of Global Harmony. Develop factual understanding by unlearning what you’ve learned thus far by developing a balanced mind without reacting. Learn about existence in general and human existence in particular, sustainability of our environment in general and human beings in particular, and justice in existence and human beings in particular. Do not accept the prevailing information about the conditions around us until you develop understanding through extensive participation with teachers and the other students. Remember, understanding is necessary for developing self confidence. Self confidence is fundamental for developing honesty in your conduct. Honesty in your conduct leads to assuming responsibility. Responsibility is assumed for building the higher order of undivided human society and living in harmony with nature

See yourself as a responsible person willing to do your part by engaging yourself in one of the three career lines of becoming: a Subject Matter Expert, a Harmony Teacher, or a Curriculum Developer. Develop proper understanding about your chosen endeavor with confidence. Fundamental to being responsible is to be honest with the self. Honesty is expressed in human interaction while participating with the other human beings and the environment. Learn about appropriate human values in all human relationships. Learn about the beginning of justice in the family through the recognition of relationships and the underlying human values that bind them in that relationship. Incorporate human values in all of your spheres of interaction in the larger communities. Develop confidence to live rightly with all others. Develop a feeling of being related to all human beings and the environment. Learn to live as a responsible person by practicing honesty in your relationship in all of your interactions.

You have all it takes to actively participate in the larger communities through your chosen endeavor of being a teacher or a subject matter expert. You have gotten rid of all prejudices and preconditioning. You know how to maintain justice in the family and in the communities of engagement. You’ve developed self-confidence, self-respect and a balanced mind to live rightly with everyone else in the higher orders of societies in your neighborhood, with your countrymen, with people from other countries and the environment. You’ve developed a feeling of being related to all human beings and the environment.

Now, begin to influence others as you participate in your communities of engagement. Very slowly, your conduct will touch your colleagues, your co-workers, and your protégés through your engagement as an entrepreneur, as a harmony teacher, or whatever else. You change the world as you participate by engaging honestly and in a responsible manner. You develop satisfaction of living a meaningful life. You’ve fulfilled your purpose in life.