Giving to IGH

Giving to the Institute of Global Harmony

The power of individual philanthropy is transformative. The Institute of Global Harmony (IGH) at its various campuses all over the world would come into fruition because of the support of all those who wish to see their children live on Mother Earth endowed with arable land, potable water, and clean air to breathe. It would satisfy all those who would like to see their children excel to their highest potential. It would also please those who would like to see their children live in complaint free families and amicable societies without fear of life and property.
Our fiscal year runs from January 1st – December 31st and monetary gifts of all sizes enable us to begin and maintain our innovative programs.


We come to you in a spirit of goodwill for the wellbeing of our indisposed mother Earth. We are deeply concerned about the present day realities of a polarized and unsustainable world. Irresponsible human actions have resulted in observable and rapidly deteriorating human and the environment conditions. Only responsible human response can reverse the trend. Wisdom guides us that we must leave our children and grandchildren arable land, potable water, and clean air so that they can live in a secure and a liveable environment.

To achieve this rather formidable task, we’ve embarked on a mission to establish IGH. IGH is an experiment to create a harmonious civilization through education with a carefully designed, yet continuously monitored and evolving program. Your gift to IGH Fund would help lay the foundations for a better tomorrow. Our hope is that through the programs that we plan to offer our children and grandchildren will begin to reorient their life styles so that they reverse the trend of unbridled greed, rampant corruption and sheer arrogance generated by our industrial civilization. We think that it would be our greatest gift to humankind.

Our motives are sincere, our concerns genuine, and we feel grateful for your time and consideration. We need your help.

How you can help?

Our immediate goal is to raise $1M by April 30, 2018.
In its fullest operation, IGH would provide 5 major service areas: Post Graduate College, High School, Pre-school and Social Transformation School. In addition, there are administrative and logistic functions, which will be performed by Institutional Framework and Support Functions. We solicit your contributions toward any chosen category and in any amount.

Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) and Institute of Advancement in Education (IASE) in Sardarshahr, Rajasthan, India has been generous to set aside Milap Bhavan, a 40,000 square foot building for the initial establishment of IGH.

Our sense of gratitude

Realizing that there is no other institution in the world that has endeavoured to envision such a system for global transformation in an educational framework, you would be among the pioneers to participate in such a monumental undertaking. Needless to say, we would be only humbled with any amount of contribution, but there is a sense of urgency in your participation. Every day we delay, the prevailing mind-set would have taken an additional day to deepen its roots. With respect and gratitude, we would prominently display your name in the Administration Complex. Exact method to express our gratefulness is in the works.

The Institute of Global Harmony

The Institute of Global Harmony (IGH) is a college of higher learning that produces post-graduates, grounded in human values, with three specialized skills in the areas of human development (Truth, Sustainability, and Justice) that would assure creation and maintenance of a harmonious civilization: Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) ready to engage in their respective areas of human development to tackle challenging local problems in a manner that brings harmony among communities of people and the environment; SME’s who will prepare Harmony Curriculums (HC) for children of all ages – from pre-school to high school students to married couples; and Harmony Teachers (HT) who will teach and train children to become socially sensitive and responsible citizens. The high school graduates from the IGH may either take a vocational school training needed in the local communities or take upon undergraduate studies based upon their interest and aptitudes. The post-graduates from the IGH will be sought after by the governments, industry, organizations and the institutions alike. The IGH graduates will be the model citizens of tomorrow.

How to Give

It’s easy to support the mission of the Institute of Global Harmony. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and electronic fund transfer. Gifts can be made in honor of or in memory of a special person.

Give by mail

Make your check payable for the specific location. For the pilot program, the check is
written for the “IASE/IGH” and mailed to:
IGH Office of Development
Milap Bhavan, Gandhi Vidya Mandir,
Sardarshahr, Distt. Churu, Raj. 331401

<h3″>Join the Sustaining Donor Circle

You can make an automatic monthly donation by credit card or electronic funds transfer from your checking account. You may email your intention to

More information

For more information about giving to the Institute of Global Harmony at Sardarshahr, please call at (+91) 7073451118 or email

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