Responsible and forward thinking students and teachers

Join the initiative to collectively create the world you want to see.

The state of the world is replete with rampant corruption, hypocrisy, lies and misuse of wealth and power by the nation states and big businesses. This unsustainable human conduct has widened the already existing disproportionate economic gap between the Haves and the Have-nots and degradation of the environment. The situation warrants understanding of human condition, human purpose and human responsibility. 
Responsibility is a human value based on existential principles. It is acquired or accepted to fulfill a need to honestly participate in a system of which one is a part. It is rendered based on individual ability to participate in the system.
Forward thinkers are those who can clearly see the wisdom of arresting the momentum of the prevailing environment of greed and aggression. This environment has gravely impacted our very resources that we depend upon for our preservation – arable land, potable water, and clean air.
Responsible and forward thinking teachers and students committed to create asustainable future for all humankind are sought to teach, learn and share the right knowledge based on existential principles.
Introduction of the existential principles in education and society are necessary to realize the wisdom in correcting the current trend of competition, rights, incentives and fragmentation of knowledge leading toward an unsustainable trajectory. The situation warrants the need for responsible teachers and willing students.
A responsible teacher willingly accepts the challenge to participate in rebuilding our broken world for the greater good of human society in the face of adverse social, economic and political conditions.
Please call us, write us and join us to learn more to be a part of this first of its kind experiment based on an unprecedented theory of undivided human society and universal code of human conduct that would bring about the global social change by creating one teacher and one student at a time.

“We are all agreed that your theory is crazy. The question that divides us is whether it is crazy enough to have a chance of being correct.”

(Niels Bohr – Wikiquote)

“He who cannot explain it to a 6 years old child, has not understood it himself.”

(Albert Einstein)

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