Our approach for admission to the IGH is to start with mature minds. At that level, the students will be challenged with complex issues facing the humankind. In addition, they have the qualities, attitudes, skills and abilities needed to understand the subject matter as well as the necessity to become an autonomous human being. Equipped with such an accomplishment, they will be trusted to contribute to harmony and progress of any society. The mature students would bring a knowledge base and their local experiences to investigate the current situation of the world, discover truth, and generate and apply new knowledge in a systematic manner to reconstruct sustainable societies.Correspondingly, the IGH will accept students for graduate studies.

At that level, the students will have the flexibility to explore their interests in electing one of the three career lines: Harmony Teachers (HT), Harmony Curricula Developers (HCD), or Subject Matter Experts (SME). The IGH students will help shape and build a sustainable future of humankind. To accomplish this, they would be offered state-of the-art teaching in three fundamental areas of human development: Justice (with courses such as, Human Relationships and Values, Social Justice, and Economic Justice), Sustainability (with courses such as, Food for Health and Nutrition, Preventive Healthcare, Waste-Water Management and Water Restoration, Behavioural Sociology, Behavioural Psychology, Sustainable Technologies (Energy, Agriculture), and Disaster Management), and Truth (with courses such as, Existential Harmony and Science of Life). Not only that the students would learn what it is to be a human being, they would begin to live as one as well.

The IGH students—having studied both the knowledge of life and the most needed and desired areas of learning: Truth, Sustainability and Justice at the IGH dedicated to creating harmony and harmonious societies—would be placed anywhere (government, industry, universities, NGOs, UN, and its affiliates) as advisers and subject-matter-experts (SMEs) and become the leaders of innovation and change in the entire system of living. The IGH campuses would open all across the globe as and when appropriate National Chancellors (NCs) take responsibility to initiate the IGH program at select places in their countries. Currently, the pilot IGH program is available at Sardarshahr, Rajasthan, India.

The IGH Graduate Programs at Sardarshahr

The graduate studies program in Global Harmony is offered at two-levels: 1) Professional Graduate Studies Programs, and 2) Graduate Degree Programs.

Professional Graduate Studies Program

There are two programs available for professional development for graduates, but are especially recommended for grade school teachers and social workers. These are: a) a 6-Mo Certificate Course in Existential Harmony (CEH); and b) a residential 1-yr Diploma Course in Existential Harmony (DEH).

Graduate Degree Programs

There are two graduate specialty degree programs available for graduates: 1) a residential 2-yr Masters Degree in Global Harmony (MGH); and 2) continuing research program offered to MGH graduates for a Doctors Degree in Global Harmony (DGH).

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