Institute of Global Harmony (IGH)

The IGH is established on the premise that it is our collective responsibility to create a harmonious civilization, which is possible by our collective willingness. IGH will provide its entire personnel a suitable environment conducive for self transformation. Social transformation would be achieved through self transformation one person-at-a-time.

The IGH is an experiment to foster a collective teaching and learning experience that will usher in an educational paradigm for the future generations of all people. It produces a people who can believe of their own accord in the dictum that the only way of living a life of happiness is by promoting harmony within themselves, their society, and the environment that surrounds them. In doing so, they realize the full potential of their manifested efforts to achieve excellence in all their pursuits. The IGH experiment is an educational and personal experience that would assist children and adults alike in their transformation to a harmonious and peaceful way of living. This would be achieved by seeking a permanent change in their attitudes and behaviours that allow them to make a commitment to personal peace and social harmony.Grounded in the human values, their endeavours would create a harmonious civilization for the betterment of all mankind.

IGH envisions partnering with international organizations including the United Nations (UN) and its affiliates. This includes various Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) such as Global Harmony Association (GHA), International Association of Educators for World Peace (IAEWP), World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), and others. Other partners include the individuals and groups from different perspectives who would collectively craft the holistic solutions we seek for a harmonious society through the establishment of a peaceful and sustainable world. These dynamically crafted solutions will become the expressions of our teaching curriculum in a wide variety of modes that research state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT).

IGH places equal regard for all contributions from a wide variety of disciplines including the physical and social sciences, agriculture and technology, philosophical and religious thoughts, political and economic systems, and faith and cultural traditions. All these disciplines are interconnected as sub-systems of one universal system of knowledge. Infusing this collective knowledge with human values would enable us to share and utilize the earth’s resources in an equitable and responsible manner. The wisdom created at IGH would enable us to leave our children with the skills to develop and sustain a better world than we inherited from our parents.

In its fully established state, IGH will operate the following schools:

  • A residential college for a 24-month program leading to a master’s degree in Global Harmony (MGH)
  • A residential vocational school for a 12-month program leading to a certificate in local cottage industries
  • A residential school to include among others the neglected (orphans, marginalized) children enrolled for a high-school diploma (1-12 grades)
  • A residential school to include among others the neglected (orphans, marginalized) children enrolled for pre–school learning (4-6 years)
  • A day school for children (4-6 years) from normal homes for pre-school learning
  • A day-cum-retreat school for parents and babies/infants education from birth-4 years
  • A day-cum-retreat school for would be parents for prenatal education from pregnancy to childbirth


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